Actualizing Dreams, Activating Success. Igniting & Marketing Sports Talent… that’s what MOFeye is about!

Dear Singapore, Asia & Global Football & Sports Community, 

Are you a professional footballer or coach or sports industry career individual who wants to be recognised and spotted by professional clubs & countries?

Showcasing you will allow our Singapore Football Community to recognise, identify and follow your progress and achievements.Our marketing push to regional teams and clubs will put your talents in the minds of scouts, countries and managers. Most importantly, Singapore’s national team and professional clubs will see that you have an elevated presence in the Singapore football scene, possibly leading to more play time and more bargaining power in your hands – because other teams and clubs and countries are looking at you!

STEP ONE: Email us at with the following information and we will respond to you:  

Please provide:

  1. your Full Name, Nationality and Date Of Birth

  2. contact number

  3. height and weight

  4. your sport and current team (indicate past teams if you are currently a free agent)

  5. your playing position

  6. your accolades and achievements in your career  (e.g professional debut, youth/senior national team debut, professional debut goal, individual or team trophies won)

  7. pics/videos of yourself during training/games (e.g. videos of assists/goals/key passes/dribbles/shots/defending/pressing, for example)

  8. Your email address:

  9. Please confirm if you have an Image Rights Clause in your current club contract that prevents us from marketing you.

  10. If you do have an Image Rights Clause in your current club contract, please let us have the full name/mobile contact/email address of the relevant person in your club to talk to, in order to get this clause waived.

  11. If you are a Coach or Professional in the football or sports industry, please send us your resume and certificates. 



An MOF representative will liase with you and brief you on the best way forward to assist you.



Decide on the following packages we offer  to enable us to market you* – 

(1) Monthly Marketing** subscription (in blocks of 3 months) at $130 USD /mth. 

(2) One-time Marketing subscription at $170 USD /mth. 

(3) One-time Presentation Package*** (pictures/basic videos/writeup in English) at  $170 USD. 

(4) Monthly Broadcast**** subscription (in blocks of 3 months) at $60 USD /mth. 

(5) One-time Broadcast subscription at $120 USD /mth. 

*As of now, this service is free for the top 30 professional Singapore Footballers who have reached out to us.

** Our Marketing subscription allows you to be a featured Star or Team on our website

*** Our Presentation package will provide you with pictures, videos and writeups about you co-ordinated & done by our team

**** Our Broadcast subscription will promote you once a month through email/facebook/instagram/whatsapp to your target audience


We are always here for you! If you require further assistance, email us at