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“Play is the highest form of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

– Franklin Froebel.


Dear Parents, under our programme, and under our carefully selected coaches, your child’s football skills will grow and your child will learn the rudiments of basic football – that’s our promise.  Learning & growth are our key objectives.


Over a few 8-week programmes, you will be able to see how your child grows and becomes more skilful. Use your one-time free trial session and watch how our specially selected coaches manage your child: no shouting, screaming, forcefulness. Only steady gentle encouragement. 

When your child has participated in our programmes for 1.5-2 years, we will group your child into junior league teams and participate in junior leagues! Afterall, we, Ministry of Football, are the number one provider of football league competitions in Singapore! See  Our Ministry Of Football Facebook Page  and website www.mof.com.sg to have an idea just how we know where your child can head towards as he or she enters teenage years! 


Still unsure? Try us out for our free trial!  Please email info@mof.com.sg or whatsapp/call 92799006 for more information or to book your free trial! 



Please click on the various programs we are conducting islandwide in our menu bar above. Alternatively, you can also email info@mof.com.sg or whatsapp/call 92799006 for more information! 

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For Youth/Academy programmes, please note participation and/or (full/partial) payment is deemed acceptance of our Terms & Conditions found here