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Training is based on both technical (execution) and tactical (decision making) work without any separation of the two as techniques and tactics never manifest themselves separately during a game. Trainings conducted are planned, structured and organized according to the specific stages of football development. Our curriculum content is adapted to the player – according to

  • the age they are,
  • the condition they are in, and
  • the abilities they possess.

The goal is to develop their abilities progressively and ensure that the training ground is a place of (a) learning, (b) fun (without forgetting the competitive aspect of the game) and (c) education (physical, mental and emotional).


  Ages 5 – 7 Ages 8 – 10 Ages 11 – 14
Technique Individual TechniqueBall Control Individual/Team Technique Ball ControlBall Drills Individual/Team Technique Ball drillsIndividual / Team Drills
Tactics Specific situations
(eg. 1v0, 1v1, 2v2)
Practice matches in smaller numbers
Specific situations
(eg. 2v2, 2-3v1, 4v2) Practice matches in smaller numbers
Principles of attacking and defending Specific situations
(eg. 4v2, 5v3, 6v4)
Objectives LearningGetting comfortable with the ball Learning Provide technical resources Assimilation and adaptation Enrich / Improve on technical-tactical drills
Phases Learning movements Learning movements and game situations Adapting movement to different game situations


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